The Association has run three beginners courses to-date for new members.  The course is targeted towards those at the start or very early stages of their beekeeping career.  Course content to-date has included:


  • A winter series of 10 lectures (approximately two a month Oct to March), providing a theoretical introduction to all aspects of beekeeping, some
  • A couple of practical beekeeping sessions at an apiary site in spring, so that you get used to handling frames of bees, and ‘working’ a hive.
  • An opportunity if possible to meet the local bee inspector, who may give one of the lectures.
  • A hive and frame making workshop.
  • The opportunity to get matched up to a mentor if/when you commence your beekeeping career.


The Association also runs a study group for improvers, those with a few years of beekeeping under their belt.  This group uses the syllabus of the Basic Assessment for it’s content.  The aim is to help members have sufficient knowledge and confidence to take the Basic Assessment, although some find the knowledge on its own useful enough;  there is no pressure to take the assessment, just the provision of a supportive learning environment.