If you are in the Aberystwyth or Mid Wales area and have discovered a swarm of bees in your garden don’t worry, and don’t panic. Although bee swarms can appear to be scary they are unlikely to cause you any harm if you leave them alone, and someone here at ABKA should be able to help.

Bee swarms are simply part of the reproductive cycle of the honey bee colony.  Prior to swarming the honey bees will have filled up on honey from their stores and complete with their queen will have left the old colony in search of a new home. Because the bees are so full of honey they will be relatively passive and less likely to sting. They will hang in a cluster, usually on a tree branch, whilst they send out scout bees to look for a new home. Once a suitable location for their new home has been found they’ll be off again, this time to their permanent location. If they have been searching for a home for several days, the bee swarm may lose some of its passivity and be more prone to sting so always treat a honey bee swarm with respect.

Honey bees live in sheltered, darkened enclosures, so they will eventually set up home in old tree trunks, household cavity walls, chimneys, rabbit hutches, gas meter boxes, and of course, bee hives.

Swarm Collection

Many members of ABKA will be more than happy to collect a swarm of bees from your property. They can then be housed in a suitable container, taken away and transferred to a hive within their apiaries. This will remove the bees from your property, boost the beekeepers stocks and hopefully ensure the survival of the colony.

The following members of ABKA are willing to collect swarm and most are willing to travel within the Aberystwyth area to do so. Please feel free to contact them if you need their help. We have listed where they are based so that you can contact someone close to you.

  • Alan & Anna Cole (Borth & Ynyslas) – Tel: 01970 871072 / 07966 546981
  • Ann Ovens (Bont Goch) – Tel: 01970 832359
  • Jim Palmer (Capel Bangor) Tel: 01970 880534 / 07711 321246
  • Owain Hammonds (Bontgoch) – Tel: 01970 832919 / 07975 708802

Please be aware that not all swarms will be readily  accessible and action can only be taken when a suitable on site risk assessment has been carried out.