The Annual ABKA Honey Show proved to be an enjoyable afternoon for those who attended. Unfortunately entries in some classes were a little sparse, but those that were entered were of high quality. The Honey Show itself is a fairly informal affair though and we are keen to encourage more people to enter in all the classes so please don’t be put off by thinking your honey, wax or other products of the hive aren’t good enough for the show. It’s the perfect place to practise your bee craft amongst friends.

With this in mind, John Wildig provided feedback on all of the entries as part of his judging and told the members where points were gained and lost. The results were as follow:

Bottle of Mead

There were no entries in this category – start brewing some mead as not only will you have a lovely refreshing beverage, but you could well win this category with very little competition in next years show!

Two one pound jars of light honey.

All entries in this class were top notch with John commenting that it was an “exceptional class”.

1st – Robert Hughes

2nd – Richard Spencer

3rd – Rob Huntley

3rd – Phil Springham

Light Honey

Light Honey

Two one pound jars of medium honey.

No entries in this class

Two one pound jars of dark honey.

No entries in this class

Two one pound jars of granulated honey.

Despite being the only entry in the class, Richard’s granulated honey was only given 2nd prize with John commenting that he “wouldn’t put it on his toast”! This is of course a matter of personal taste!

2nd – Richard Spencer

Two one pound jars of heather honey.

No entries in this class

Cake of beeswax approx. 8oz in weight.

1st – Phil Regan

Four cakes of beeswax approx. one ounce each.

1st – Richard Spencer

2nd – Phil Regan

3rd – Phil Regan

Wax Cakes

Wax Cakes

A shallow comb of honey suitable for extraction.

John commented on the quality of Richard’s entry in this class, calling it an ‘absolute beauty’ and awarding it best in show.

1st – Richard Spencer.

Best in Show from Richard

Best in Show from Richard

Ornamental display, incorporating wax. Base of entry to be no more than 6inches in diameter.

A hotly contested class which was difficult to judge thanks to the wide range of entries with some super skills on display.

1st – Mushrooms, by Martin

2nd – Ann M

3rd – Chess Pieces by Phil Regan

Cookery class – Decorated Cupcakes

Another hotly contested class that proved for difficult decisions of the judge.

1st – Ann M

2nd – Phil Regan

3rd – Alan Cole


Whilst the judging was taking place, the ABKA members sat down for the blind honey tasting.

Honey Tasting

Honey Tasting

This year we had a range of 10 honeys from members all with their own distinctive tastes. Mike had entered two honeys from different locations as he had so much to spare, but unfortunately they both came in at the bottom in 9th and 10th place, earning him the booby prize for the year. Top spot went to Bill Rushdens honey. Here are the full results

  • 1st with 41 pts – Bill Rushden
  • 2nd with 40 pts – John Wildig
  • 3rd with 37 pts – Richard Spencer
  • 4th with 35½pts – Helen Ovens
  • 5th with 35 pts – The Cole Family
  • 6th with 33½pts – Phil Springham
  • 7th with 30 pts – Robert
  • 8th with 27pts – Ingrid
  • 9th with 24 pts – Mike
  • 1oth with 18½ pts – Mike

As always, tea, coffee, biscuits and cake were consumed and much chatting, laughing and fun was had.